Rabia Bala Hatun

Rabia Bala Hatun | Name, Marriage, and Death

Rabia Bala Hatun Tomb
The Tomb of Rabia Bala Hatun located in Bilecik, Turkey

Full Name: Rabia Bala Hatun

Born: c.1257 Turkey

Died: January 1324, Söğüt, Turkey

Burial: Tomb of Sheikh Edebali, Bilecik, Turkey

Spouse Osman I
Issue Alâeddîn Paşa

Father: Sheikh Edebali

Religion: Sunni Islam

Who was Bala Hatun

The complete name of the Bala Hatun in history is Rabia Bala Hatun but her place of birth is yet unknown it is said that she was born in Anatolia, A city of the Seljuk Empire. some historians say that she was the second wife of Osman Gazi and the daughter of Shaikh Edabali.

Marriage to Osman

Osman Gazi’s first marriage took place in 1280 CE when he married Malhun that the daughter of powerful Seljuk vizier omer Abdul Aziz bey it has also been recorded that the same Malhun that was the mother of the second sultan of the Ottoman Empire Orhan Gazi Osman Gazi 2nd marriage took place in 1289 CE.

When he married Rabia Bala that the daughter of Shaikh Edabali she became the mother of 2nd son of Osman Gazi Alaeddin pasha but some prominent historians said that Bala was the first wife of Osman Gazi and mother of Orhan Gazi However friends, these doubts have arisen in history. Because the historian disagrees, what is the actual name of the Shaykh Edabali’s daughter? But Today, historians consider Rabia Bala Hatun to be the daughter of Shaikh Edabali. Sheikh Edabali married his daughter, influenced by the idea of a strong Islamic state of Osman Ghazi after marrying Osman Gazi.

Death and Burial

Bala Hatun was awarded the village of kozagac in bilecik She reportedly died in Jan 1324 CE and preceded her husband Osman gazi Bala that was buried in the tomb of her father Sheikh Edabali in black with her mother’s grave.

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