Malhun Hatun | Biography, Family, & Facts

Malhun Hatun
Statue of Malhun Hatun in Eskişehir, Turkey

Born: 13th century, Anatolia

Died: November 1326, Söğüt, Anatolia

Husband: Osman I

Issue: Orhan

Father: Ömer Bey, Sheikh Edebali, Ömer Abdülaziz Bey

Religion: Islam

Malhun Hatun History

Malhun Hatun has historically been the wife of Osman Ghazi and the mother of another Ottoman Sultan and Orhan Ghazi. It has been recognized by many historians that she was the daughter of the Anatolian Turkish Bey, Omer Bey, although there had been many speculations that she was the daughter of Sheikh Edebali Other sources say that she was the daughter of Ömer Abdülaziz Bey, Seljuk Vizier of Anatolia.

These historical differences arose because some Ottoman historians, including the Kamal Pashazad and the Ashq Pashazad, have named Sheikh Adbali’s daughter Malhun Bala Khatun in their books. Because Sheikh Adbali was an influential and famous personality of that time the marriage of Osman Ghazi and his daughter.

Malhun Khatun was very famous which is why historians have linked the Malhun hatun with Rabia Bala hatun, who was Usman Ghazi’s first wife Historians estimate that the Malhun was married to Usman Ghazi during the reign of Ertugral Ghazi.

This estimate is due to some historical documents and the birth of the 2nd Ottoman sultan Orhan Ghazi in 1281. While Osman Ghazi was married to Sheikh Adabali’s daughter Bala Khatun in 1289AD this is proved by the land documents that the land which Osman Ghazi gave to the Bala hatun as a gift after marriage.

In Oruc history, the Ottoman historian Oruc bin Adil has listed the name of Sheikh Adbali’s daughter as Balaa Khatun. Although Bala hatun is depicted as Usman Ghazi’s first wife in kurulus Osman historically Malhun Khatun was Usman Ghazi’s first wife and they get married in 1280 AD Malhun Hatun was the daughter of Ömer Bey Ömer Bey was the eponymous ruler of an “Amouri” (Umer) Principality Which was one of the dozens of small states in Anatolia Which came into being after the destruction of the Seljuk Empire.

This state was located the northeast of the emerging Ottoman State The Amouri are described by the Byzantine historian George Pachymeres, who says that a son of Umar fought with Osman in one of his first raids against local Byzantine lords (the victory of Baphaion) Although Mal Hatun has a central role in the legendary Osman’s Dream, depicting Osman’s great love for her & the long struggle he had to undergo before being able to gain her hand.

The account is, however, considered to have been composed centuries later, reflecting later generations’ perception of her rather than the historical reality Malhun Hatun’s marriage to Osman gazi was a political necessity to form an alliance against a common enemy. And as byzantine historian George Pachymeres speaks of war with Usman Ghazi of the Umri tribe, which shows that Malhun Hatun belonged to a warring tribe.


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  1. Bala Hatun, was historically the first and only wife of Osman Bey. And we can prove it by several several books, the writers of those books have been recognized in the Ottoman Empire.

    The first ever Ottoman Historian, Asikpasazade mentioned Sheikh Edebali’s daughter as “Malhun Hatun.” and as mother of both Orhan
    Gazi and Alaeddin pasha. Secondly, the most reliable source that we can rely on is the book written by the Son in law of Suleyman the magnificent of Ottoman Empire. Rustem Pasha. He wrote a book and that book mentioned Sheikh’s daughter as Rabia. And as Orhan’s and Alaeddin’s mother as well.

    The statue that iS present in Eskisehir of “Malhun Hatun” mentions “Sheikh Edebali kizi” on its name plate.

    Some historians have also mentioned that Sheikh’s Daughter had alot of names because she was a well known personality. And of course she had been because she was the head of world’s first women army organization. And not to forget she was the daughter of the magnificent Sheikh Edebali.

    Who had a huge influence in Osman’s life.

    The legendary dream of Osman Gazi The “Cinar Dream” was also a huge influence to Osman Gazi.

    What Osman Gazi saw in that dream was that a crescent rose from the chest of Sheikh Edebali and entered into Osman’s, and from there the crescent built into a huge Cinar Tree, and there was huge mountains and lands too.

    Which refers that his coming generation will be born from the lineage of Sheikh Edebali.

    There too is a book written on the love of Bala Hatun And Osman Bey.

  2. True , and in sheikh Edebali Turbesi There’s Orhan ghazi mosque, it’s an other proof that he’s his grand-father, also in some publications in Roma museum actual Bala khatun Turbesi is indicated as Malhun turbesi daughter of sheikh edebali, and i read in some historical books years ago that bala khatun is called Mal hatun that means the brave woman, other arabe books describe the word Malhun to Mal7un that means the Lady Who is a very good speaker and influencer ,her words are like poems, others wrote that she was very beautiful and osman call her Kamareye

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