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How World History Changed The Over World


TS HISTORICAL is a repository of World History, with readable and full-text searchable texts. TS HISTORICAL offers free access to all of its text offerings through its website, which includes thousands of texts in 17 languages dating back to the beginning of civilization. TS HISTORICAL uses keywords like ‘Roman Empire‘ or ‘Ancient Greece‘ to help users identify their subject matter. The website offers two types: general interest and academic. General interest texts cover topics such as medieval times, military history, and national heroes. Academic texts focus on ancient civilizations and cultures including Ancient Egypt, China, Ancient Rome, India, and Mesopotamia.


TS HISTORICAL is a powerful and intuitive website that will help students, educators, and history enthusiasts learn about the world’s rich and complex history. We know that learning is best when it’s accessibly delivered. TS HISTORICAL ís goal is to facilitate better learning through resources that are available 24/7 all on one page so that you can learn more efficiently.


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