Andrew Jackson

March 15, 1767, North Carolina and South Carolina border


June 8, 1845 (Aged 78), Nashville, TN


Rachel Donelson


Elizabeth Hutchinson Jackson > Andrew Jackson


Andrew Jackson > Jr.Lyncoya


(Andrew Jackson 7th President of the United States of America)

Election of 1824

expanding the voting rights to all white men, not just property owners.

Political cartoon by Thomas Nast showing a statue of Andrew Jackson on a pig

Elections of 1832

Jackson was re-elected in the Election of 1832 with a majority of the popular vote and 219 out of 286 electoral votes.

Jackson was down but not out after that election defeat.

Panic of 1837

Andrew Jackson issued the executive order, Species Circular, which ended the practice of selling government land on credit.

This meant that all land purchases had to be done with either gold or silver. Jackson tried to rectify this on his last day in office, but the result was an economic crisis in 1837.

Andrew Jackson Death

On June 8, 1845, Jackson died of dropsy and heart failure (Aged 78); his family and his friends were all there, and he said his last words, “Oh, don’t cry. We will meet in heaven. And he was buried in the tomb of his wife.