On This Day in History | Today 14 June

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What Happened On This in History

  • 1658: British and France forest defect span at the battle of Dunes.
  • 1777: The US Congress at a meeting determine the new flag for the country with 13 red and white strips. This day is celebrate as Flag day in America since 1885. The flag had 13 white stars on the blue surface of the flag as a symbol of the United States, the number of which later change US new sets wear added to the America Union.
  • 1907: Women got the right to vote in Norway.
  • 1935: Hitler and Mussolini made in Vienna, the capital of Austria.
  • 1940: During the Second World War, German forces enter the France capital Paris, after about a month of airstrikes on Western Europe under the leadership of German director Hitler.
  • 1945: Viceroy Lord Wavell expressed his desire to meet the top political leaders of India and during this time the leaders who were in jail were released.
  • 2020: Katy Luedres was appointed as the new associate administrator of the Human Exploration and operations h e o mission Directorate. With this, she becomes the first woman to lead NASA’s fight program.
  • 2020: India got its first infection disease diagnostic laboratory as a part of PM Narendra Modi’s ‘Atmanirbhar Bharat Abhiyan’.
  • 2020: United States (US) private quiet film TPG capital and l Catterton become the 8th and 9th investors respectively to invest in Jio platforms.
On This Day in HIstory 14 June
On This Day in History 14 June

Borns On This Day in History

  • 1905: Famous music Seekar Hirabai Badoeker was born.
  • 1922: K Asif, the director of the film ‘Muhal-e-Aza’, was born in the Etawah district of Uttar Pradesh.
  • 1946: Donald Trump 45th president of America, was born.
  • 1960: Raj Thackeray, the founder and President of the Maharashtra Navnirman Sena was born.
  • 1928: Che Guevara, revolutionary leader of Argentina, was born. He made a significant contribution to the 1959 coup in Cuba.
  • 1969: German tennis star selfie craft was born. She won 22 grand slams in her career.
  • 1967:Kumar Mangalam Birla, Indian industry list and chairman of the Aditya Birla Group, was born.

Deaths On This Day in History

  • 1920: Famous German Philosopher Max Weber passed away.
  • 2007: Kurt Waldheim passed away He was the 4th secretary-General of the united nations.
  • 2011: Rudraveena player Asad Ali Khan passed away.
  • 2010: Indian writer of fiction and nonfiction Manohar malgonkar passed away.

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