On This Day in History | Today 14 May

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What Happened On This Day in History

  • 1607: The British stabilize their first permanent base in North America. It was named Jamestown, Virginia.
  • 1702: England and Netherland declare war against France and Spain.
  • 1878: The brand name Vaseline was first registered by Robert Chesbrough.
  • 1879: Thomas Edison join the Edison Telephone Company of Europe.
  • 1944: British troops capture Kohima.
  • 1948: Israel declares independence from Britain.
  • 1955: Warsaw Pact signed. The Soviet Union and its allies in eastern Europe signed the Treaty in Warsaw, the capital of Poland. Through this there was agreement on the development of economic. Military and cultural relations between the member countries.
  • 1963: Kuwait becomes the 111th member of the US.
  • 1973: US Supreme court approves equal rights for women in the military.
  • 1991: Winnie Mandela, the wife of South Africa’s anti aparthel leader Nelson Mandela, is sentenced to 6 years in connection with the kidnapping of four youths.
  • 1992: India banned LTTE (Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam).
  • 2012: 1500 plus Indian prisoners in Israeli jails agree to end the hunger strike.
  • 2013: Brazil becomes the 15th country to recognize same-sex marriage.
  • 2020: Indian liquor businessman Vijay Mallya files his application to appeal to the UK Supreme court. Vikesh canviquicks after the London High court rejected his appeal against traditional orders by India on charges of road and money laundering.
  • 2020: China felicities clans by Chinese hackers in the United States of stealing vaccine research data.

On This Day in History 14 May

Borns On This Day in History

  • 1883: Aladdin Krishna Swami ayyar, renowned jurist advocate and educationist was born.
  • 1981: Indian inventor and computer scientist Pranav mistri was born.
  • 1984: Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg is born.

Deaths On This Day in History

  • 1923: Indian National Congress President N.G chandavarkar died.
  • 1978: Renowned playwritter Jagdish Chandra Mathur died.

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