On This Day in History | Today 10 May

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What Happened On This Day in History

  • 1503: Cayman Island was discovered by Columbus and an Italian explorer and navigator.
  • 1526: After winning the battle of Panipat the Mughal ruler bearish Agra, then the capital of the country.
  • 1796: Napoleon defeated Austria at the Lodi bridge.
  • 1857: The first freedom struggle was started against British rule. The soldier of the three regiments of Meerut marched to Delhi raising the flag of rebellion women also contribute to this. The British officer had put their full might to surprise it.
  • 1916: The historic ship port museum was open in Amsterdam the capital of the Netherlands.
  • 1945: Russian forces capture the capital of the Czech republic.
  • 1972: Divas conducted a nuclear test in Nevada.
  • 1993: Santosh Yadav become the first woman climber to reach the world’s highest mountain peak, Everest, twice.
  • 1994: Nelson Mandela hot devoted his entire life to the campaign against apartheid and become the president of South Africa. He was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1993 jointly with F.W.De Klerk.
  • 1995: 104 workers were killed in an accident in the elevator of a gold mine in South Africa.
  • 2005: India and Pakistan agree to start the Lahore-Amritsar bus service.
  • 2021: HDFC bank and common service centers (CSCs) launch shot boat E, V, A on CSC digital Seva portal to support village-level entrepreneurs (VLEs) in providing banking services for last-mill rural consumers.
  • 2021: NITI Aayog released a report titled ‘connected commerce: Creating a road map for a Digital inclusive India’. the report was released by NITI Aayog in collaboration with MasterCard.
  • 2021: Nepal’s Prime Minister KP Sharma oil lost the trust vote in the house of representatives K.P Sharma oil got 93 wards in his favor while 124 votes were cast against him.

On This Day in History 10 May

  • 1918: Rameshwar Nath gaon the founder of India’s intelligence organization ‘R A W’ (Research and Analysis Wing). was born.
  • 1980: Yogendra Singh Yadav an Indian soldier who was awarded Param Vir Chakra was born. he was awarded the highest Indian military honor the Param Vir Chakra for his accent during the Kargil war.
  • 1929: Subhash Kashyap an expert on the Indian constitution and also honored with Padma Bhushan was born.

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