On This Day in History: April 23

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What Happened On This Day in History 23 April

  1. 1660: Oliva Treaty is agreed upon between Sweden and Poland.
  2. 1661: Latest Employer Charles ll is crowned in London.
  3. 1981: the Soviet Union conducts an underground nuclear test.
  4. 1984: Scientist, find out about the AIDS virus.
  5. 1985: The Coca-Cola company introduced a new formulated cold drink (soft drink) called new cock, which was prepared to replace the company’s main beverage, but within three months the new drink was to be returned. Taken and the old drink was re-marketed as a Coca-Cola classic.
  6. 1987: Supreme court orders widows to share in the property.
  7. 1993: The days of voting began on a refund them about independence from Ethiopia in Eritrea, a small country in East Africa, after a long history of a rule and decades of conflict.
  8. 1995: World book day started.
  9. 2005: first video uploaded to YouTube website. The video was about YouTube’s founder, Javed Karim’s visit to the san Diego zoo. Within a year, about 10 crore videos wear uploaded on this site.
  10. 2010: English language day was celebrated for the first time. Since then, English language Day is celebrated on 23 April every year. English language in 2010 by United Nations Department of public information full stop the purpose of this is to celebrate mulitlinglesium and cultural diversity.
  11. 2013: West Indies explosive batsman Chris Gayle hit the fastest century in cricket history in just 30 balls.
  12. 2019: The world’s first malaria vaccine was introduced in Malviya full stop camping was launched by WHO in Malvi giving per deal protection of protection to children.
  13. 2010: China announced a US $30 million donations to the global health agency World health organisation (WHO) in its fight against the COVID-19 pandemic. The announcement was made after America’s decision not to fund the WHO.
  14. 2020: Manipur celebrates khongjam Day. The Day is celebrated to pay tribute to the warriors who fought the Anglo-Manipur war of 1891, which was an armed conflict between the Manipur empire and the British Government.
  15. 2020: kulal lupus was official recognized as this year’s UNESCO World book capital (KLWBC 2020) for organizing world book day, with an online launch ceremony.
On This Day in History

Famous Peoples Borns and Deaths

  1. 1751: Gilbert Elliot Minto, Governor-General of East India, company is born.
  2. 1885: Renowned Indian scholar women and social reformer pandita Ramabai was born.
  3. 1927: Annpurna Devi, the only woman to play the surbahar instrument, was born.
  1. 1616: William Shakespeare died.
  2. 1992: Satyajit Ray, one of India’s best film directors, passed away.

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