On This Day in History 20 April

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What Happened On This Day in History 20 April

  • 1862: Frenchman Louis Pasteur and keldo Bernard complete the first pasteurization test.
  • 1887: Georges Bouton won the world’s first motor race on a steam-Powered quadricycle, a motor race organized by the France newspaper Lee Vélovipéde.
  • 1939: In Germany, the fifty-fifth birthday of the director Adolf Hitler was celebrated as National day.
  • 1946: The luggage of Nations, the predecessor of the United Nations, was disbanded.
  • 1953: Sikh war prisoners were exchanged between Korea and the United Nations army.
  • 1997: Indira Kumar Gurjar becomes the 12th Prime Minister of the country.
  • Komal Kothari, a person from Rajasthan who dedicated to complication and research of Rajasthani folk songs and stories exactly., Diet.
  • 2008:The first South Korean astronaut Yi so-yeon return safely to earth after spending 9 days on the International space station.
  • The deepwater horizon drilling rig exploded, killing killing 11 people. The ring started sinking, causing a massive oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico(environment disaster ).
  • 2011:The Indian Space Researcher organization (ISRO) satellite launch vehicle ‘PSLV’ successfully installed 3 satellites into space.
  • 2020:For the first time in history the US oil price goes negative-west taxes intermediate, the benchmark from US oil field to means $ 37.36 per barrel

Famous Peoples Borns and Deaths

On This Day in History
  • 1817: Maulvi Abdul Haq, the father of Urdu, was born.
  • 1886: German director Adolf Hitler is born.
  • 1914: Famous Oriya lecturer Gopinath Mohanty was born.
  • 1920: Famous bhajan singer juthika Roy was born.
  • 1950: Chandrababu Naidu, a famous politician and former Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh, was born.
  • 1965: Meghalay Chief Minister Mukul Sangmawas born
  • 1972: The Apollo 16 expedition landed on the moon after struggling for 6 hours. The team of John young and Charles took a become the fifth team in the history to the land on the moon.
  • 1912: Bram Stoker, the Irish novelist word can’t do you Dracula’s characters, died.
  • 1969: India’s famous full flute player Pannalal Ghosh died.

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