On This Day in History 17 April

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What Happened On This Day in History 17 April

  • 1799: The size of srirangapatnam begins. It ended with the death of Tipu Sultan on 4th May.
  • 1941: Yugoslavia surrendered to Germany during World war ll.
  • 1946: Syria declares independence from France.
  • 1971: Egypt, Libya, and Syria together from the Union and from Arab states.
  • 1977: Swantana party merged with the Janata Party.
  • 1982: Canada adopted the constitution.
  • 1982: US conducts a nuclear test at Nevada test site.
  • 1983: SLV-3 rocket placed the second Rohini satellite in close orbit of Earth.
  • 1986: Page is resorted, announcing the end of the war situation between the Netherlands and Sicily.
  • 1993:The spacecraft STS-56 Discovery returns to Earth.
  • 2003:The Indo-UK parliamentary form in format after nearly 55 years.
  • 2009: Former New Zealand Prime Minister Helen Clark becomes and administers the United Nations diplomat program (UNDP) the first woman lead organization.
  • 2015: James Anderson becomes the highest wicket-taker in England test cricket history.
  • 2020: WHO warns that Africa could be the next center of the COVID-19 pandemic, which could cause more than 3,00,000 deaths, pushing 30 million people into property. About 1000 that’s and 19,000 cases is were reported in Africa.
On This Day in History

Famous Peoples Borns and Deaths

  • 1947: Muttiah Muralitharan Sri Lanka’s greatest player was born.
  • 1961: Billiards and snooker Geet Sethi was born in India.
  • 1908: Radhanath Rai, the leading poet of the Oriya language, and lecturer passed away.
  • 1946: India’s social reformer V.S. Shrinivas Sastri passed away.
  • 1985: Second President of India S.K. Radhakrishnan died.
  • 2005: Vishnu Kant Shastri, a politician, and literature who was governor of Uttar Pradesh and Himachal Pradesh passed away.

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