On This Day in History 16 April

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What Happened On This Day in History 16 April

  • 1853: The first rail in India went between Bombay (now Mumbai)and Thane.
  • 1945:The German refugee ship was drowned due to a Solvit Submarine, which killed 7000 people.
  • 1953: British Shahi boat was started by Britain Rani Elizabeth II.
  • 1987: Francis’s play or drama of August Wilson won the 1987 Pulitzer award.
  • 1988: Thousands of people died in the gas attack on Northern Iraq’s Kurdish population and many people become ill to their influence.
  • 1988: Powerful ladder of Palestinian Mukti organization, Khalil al-Wazir was killed in his house located locked in Tunis of Tunisia.
  • 1990: At last 80 people died after the explosion in the couches of a spell passenger carriage Patna, near Bihar’s capital city Patna and 65 others were injured.
  • 2002:120 people were killed in a plane accident in South Korea.
  • 2004: India beat Pakistan 2-1 in the series by winning the Rawalpindi test.
  • 2012: For the first time a poliyzer award was provided for the novel (Fiction).
  • 2018: Kendriya Lamar become the first rapper and non-classical musician who win Pulitzer Award for the music of the album “DAMN”.
  • 2020: Nationwide emergency was announced in Japan till my 6 of the case of COVID-19.
On This Day in History

Famous Peoples Borns and Deaths

  • 1848: The famous scholar of Telugu language, kandukuri Virasalangam was born. Those who got fame in the name of gadh Brahma in modern Telugu lecturers.
  • 1889: Charli Champion who laughed the world from his best acting was born.
  • 1934: Indian pollution Ram Naik was born. Ram Naik is an experienced Indian politician of the Bhartiya Janata Party and was the 27th governor of Uttar Pradesh.
  • 1978: Indian actor Lara Dutta was born. Lara Dutta is an Indian actress, entrepreneur, and the winner of Miss universe 2000 pagent. Before this, she was crowned Miss Intercontinental in 1997. He is the second Indian woman to get the Miss Universe title and Sushmita Sen is the first woman who receives the 1997 Miss universe title.
  • 1990: Mahatma Gandhi announced prayer and fasting to pay tribute to those who died in jallianwala Bagh murder in Amritsar.
  • 1966: A famous painter of India, Nandlal Bose died.
  • 1976: For eight years the UK Prime Minister and Labor party leader for 30 years old Wilson resigned. His decision broke Storms in political corridors.
  • 2011: Mahavir Chakra winner Bargadier Bhavani Singh died.

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