On This Day in History | Today 28 June

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What Happened On This Day in History

  1. 1776: American Reservation: Sullivan’s Iceland war ended with American victory.
  2. 1846: Adolphe Sax patented the instrument saxophone.
  3. 1857: Nana Saheb declared himself Peshwa in Bithoor and called for the overthrow of the British from India.
  4. 1894: Labour day was declared and official holiday in America.
  5. 1902: US parliament pass the sponer act coma authorizing president Theodore Roosevelt to take over the Panama channel from colombia.
  6. 1914: Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria and his wife Sophie were assassinated in Sarajevo. This become the immediate cause of the First World War.
  7. 1926: Gottlieb Daimler and Carl Benz marged the two champions to from Mercedes-Benz.
  8. 1950: Korea war: About to two people were were killed in the ‘Bodo League Massacre’on suspicion of being soft on the left
  9. 1975: Against the backdrop of anti-government protest during the emergency in India the centre and forest the harassed press censorship since independent.
  10. 1981: There was a massive bombing in Tehran. 73 office prayers of the Islamic Republican party were killed.
  11. 1986: Arrangement signed with Mizo National front. Laldenga become the chief minister of Mizoram.
  12. 1985: The Centre Government made a low to give maternity leave to unmarried girls also.
  13. ‘Tiger State’ two protect and give shelter to tigers from purchase.
  14. 1995: Madhya Pradesh was declared as ‘Tiger State’ two protect and give shelter to tigers from purchase.
  15. 1996: India open its mission in the placetinian in control Gaza City.
  16. 2018: Amsterdam elected Famke Halsema,its first female Mayur since it’s first Mayor in 1343.
On This Day 28 June
On This Day 28 June

Borns On This Day in History

  1. 1787: Sir Henry G.W. Smith, who led the British India army was born.
  2. 1921: P V Narismha Rao, former primer minister of India was born.
  3. 1940: Mohammed Younis, Bangladeshi economist and noble laurate, was born.
  4. 2019:India-born Priya Serrao was crwoned Miss Universe Australia 2019.26-year-old Priya sirrao was born in India,spending most her childhood in Oman and Dubai before moving to Melbourne with her female at the age to 11.

Deaths on This Day in History

  1. 2020: According to the Johns Hopkins report, the global death toll from 500,000. The death told doubled in less than two months.

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