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What Happened On This Day 28 July

  1. 1586: On his return from England sar Thomas, Harriot told Europe about the potato.
  2. 1714: Mont Saint Elias, Alaska was discovered by Captain Bering.
  3. 1742: Russia and Austria signed a peace treaty.
  4. 1821: Peru declared independence from Spain.
  5. 1914: S.S. komagata Maru was evacuated from Vancouver and deported to India.
  6. 1976:An earthquake measuring 8.3 on the Richter scale kills millions of people in China.
  7. 1976: Chaudhary Charan Singh was appointed as the fifth Prime Minister of the country.
  8. 1984: Summer Olympic games were inaugurated in Los Angeles.
  9. 1995: Vietnam becomes a member of ASIAN.
  10. 2001: Former Pakistan Foreign Minister Mohammad Sadiq Khan Kanju was assassinated.
  11. 2001: The tenth planet of the solar system was climbed to have been discovered.
  12. 2005: The Irish Republican Army (IRA) announces an end to its armed struggle and calls for a democratically then campaign.
  13. 2020: The center Government’s head plant to impose stricter rules for the restricted us of Chinese telecom equipment in the country. The government is concentrating on using Compulsory Testing and Telecom Unification Equipment Certificate (MTCTE) to prevent Indian private telecom companies from buying Chinese telecom equipment.
  14. 2020: India and Indonesia agreed to enhance bilateral cooperation in the Defence sector during the Defence Ministers’ Talks between the two countries. That talks were had between the Indian delegation led by Defence Minister Rajendra Singh and the Indonesian delegation led by Defence Minister General Prabowo Subianto.
On This Day 28 July
On This Day 28 July

Borns On This Day 28 July

  1. 1925: Branch Blumberg, inventor of the hepatitis vaccine was born. Since then, world Hepatitis day is celebrated on 28 July every year.
  2. 1957: Anil Jainvijay, a Hindi poet, and writer translator of Russian and English languages were born.

Deaths On This Day 28 July

  1. 1972: Charu Majumdar, leader of the communist party of India, died, he started in Nexalight movement against power in 1967.
  2. 2016:Mahasweta Devi, an Indian social activist, and writer passed away.

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