On This Day in History | Today 24 May

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What Happened On This Day in History

  • 1689: British parliament guaranteed religious freedom to protestant Christians.
  • 1875: Syed Ahmed Khan founded the Muhammadan Anglo-Oriental school in Aligarh, presently known as Aligarh Muslim University.
  • 1883:The Brooklyn bridge connecting Brooklyn and Manhattan is opened to traffic.
  • 1915: Thomas Alva Edison invented Telescribe.
  • 1931:The first conditioned passenger train was run on America’s Baltimore route.
  • 1959: Empire day was renamed commonwealth day.
  • 1986: A cyclone storm in Bangladesh killed ten thousand people.
  • 1986: Margaret Thatcher becomes British first Prime Minister o to visit Israel.
  • 1994: Each of the four accused of bombing the World Trade Centre in New York City in 1993 was sentenced to 40 years in prison.
  • 2000: Israel end its 18-year-old occupation of southern Lebanon and withdrew from its Army.
  • 2001: 15-yea- old Sherpa Temba Sheri of Nepal became the youngest climber to control the summit of Mount Everest.
  • 2004: North Korea bens mobile phones.
  • 2019: Brazilian supermarket votes to make homophobia and transphobia a crime.

On This Day 24 May

Borns On This Day in History

  • 1819: Queen Victoria of Great Britain and Ireland is born.
  • 1896: Kartar Singh Sharma one of the famous revolutionaries of India was born.
  • 1952:Former India for Region Secretary of Indian Rajan Mathai was born.
  • 1954: Bachendri Pal, the first Indian woman to climb Mount Everest, was born.

Deaths On This Day in History

  • 1543: Poland astronomer Nicholas Copernicus died. He propounded the theory that all the planets including the Earth revolve around the sun and that the Earth also rotates on its axis version seasons.
  • 2022: The New York Times Prints nearly 1,000 names of people who died from COVID-19 on the front page.
  • 1994: More than 250 Hajis died in mina (Saudi Arabia) due to a stamp at a ceremony related to Hajj.

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