On This Day 22 July | Today in History

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What Happened On This Day 22 July

  1. 1731: Spain signed the Treaty of Vienna.
  2. 1918: India’s first killed pilot Indira Lal Roy, was killed in a battle with Germany in London during the first world war.
  3. 1947: The National flag of India, created by Bengali Venkayya, was adopted in its present form by the constituent Assembly of India.
  4. 1969: The Soviet Union launched the Sputnik 50 and Molniya 112 communication satellite
  5. 1981: India’s first geostationary satellite Apple started functioning.
  6. 1988: 500 US scientists pledged to Boycott research into the creation of biological weapons at the Pentagon.
  7. 1997: The second Blue Water Bridge opens between Port Huron, which can, and Serena, Ontario.
  8. 1999:An action plan of equal remuneration for equal work was implemented by the International Labor Organisation.
  9. 2001: Sher Bahadur Deuba become the new Prime Minister of Nepal.
  10. 2001: Conference of the Group-Eight countries was held in Geneva.
  11. 2003: Two sons of director Saddam Hussein were killed in an airstrike in Iraq.
  12. 2020: Prime Minister Narendra Modi congratulated nuclear scientists for achieving prominence as Gujarat’s Atomic Power plant-3 said the indigenous reactor will be a shining example of the make in India camping.
  13. 2020: It was learned today that the helicopter-launched Nag missile anti-tank guided missile ‘Dhruvstara’was test-fired at the Integrated test range (ITR) in Balasore Orissa on July 15-16. This missile was earlier named Helina. The trails were operated without a helicopter straight and top attack mode.
  14. 2020: India and Maldives signed and agreed to set up ‘Emergency Medical Service’ in Male Maldives. The emergency medical service is financed by India under a grant-in-aid of USD 20 million for neighboring countries.
  15. 2020: E-commerce form Flipkart head acquired Walmart Inc’s business named ‘Best Prince’ with this Flipkart was expected to launch its digital marketplace “Flipkart Wholesale” by the next month.
On This Day 22 July
On This Day 22 July

Borns On This Day 22 July

  1. 1965: Sandeep Pandey, a famous Indian social worker who was awarded the Roman Magsaysay award, was born.
  2. 1970: Devendra Fadnavis, the Chief Minister of Maharashtra, was born.

Deaths On This Day 22 July

  1. 1968: Muthulakshmi Reddy, India’s famous female doctor social activist, and Padma Bhushan recipient passed away.

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