On This Day in History | Today 17 June

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What Happened On This in History

  1. 1956: Nawab Siraj-ud-daulah attacked Calcutta with 50 thousand soldiers.
  2. 1757: Clive, intending to attack Murshidabad, reached Katwa and captured the Fort.
  3. 1799: Napoleon Bonaparte annexed Italy to his Empire.
  4. 1855: The state of Liberty reached the part of New York.
  5. 1858: Rani Lakshmi Bai of Jhansi attends veergati while taking on the British police Stop
  6. 1917: Mahatma Gandhi made Hariday Kunj his residence at Sabarmati ashram.
  7. 1938: Japan declared war on China.
  8. 1970:The first kidney transplant operation was performed in Chicago.
  9. 2004: Stones similar to Earth’s rocks were found on Mars.
  10. 2008:The indigenously developed light Combat Aircraft ‘Tejas’ was successfully test-fired in Bangaluru.
  11. 1008: The Government of Canada lists the Tamil World Movement Organisation as a terrorist group.
  12. 2008: Russia moves to destroy its stockpile of destructive chemical weapons by 2012.
  13. 2012: China Nehwal become Indonesia Open Champion for the third time.
  14. 2020: PM Narendra Modi reacted to the India-China face-off in Galway valley of Ladakh. He said that the sacrifice of Indian martyrs will not go in vain.
On THis Day 17 June History

Borns On This Day in History

  1. 1973:Leander Paes, India’s famous tennis player, was born.
  2. 1980: Venus Williams, the best American female tennis player, was born.

Deaths On This Day in History

  1. 1862: Lord Channing, the first Viceroy of India and an accomplished politician, died.
  2. 1674: Jijabai passed away. She was the wife of shahaji Bhonsle and the mother of Chhatrapati Shivaji.

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