On This Day in History | Today 15 June

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What Happened On This in History

  • 1844: Charles Goodyear patented the process of vulcanization of rubber.
  • 1896: The most devastating earthquake and subsequent tsunami in Japan’s history killed to 22,000 people.
  • 1908: Calcutta stock market started.
  • 1947: The all India Congress accepts the British plan for the partition of India in New Delhi.
  • 1955: Europe’s football organization UEFA (Union of European Football Association) was formed format.
  • 1988; NASA launched space vehicle S-213.
  • 1997: An organization called date was formed in Istanbul by eight Muslim countries.
  • 1999: The US granted permission to prosecute Libya for the Lockerbie Pan Am crash.
  • 2001:The Sanghani Five was renamed the Shanghai cooperation organization. It was decided not to give membership to both India and Pakistan.
  • 2006: India and China decided to open the old silk route.
  • 2008: Scientists at the University of Oxford observed the position of a massive star for the first time by brushing ultraviolet light.
  • 2020: India becomes a founding member of the Global partnership for aperical artificial intelligence (GPAI), a global multi-stakeholder initiative.
  • 2020: During the de-escalation process on the night of 15 June, there was a violent clash between India and China in the Galway valley of Ladakh. During the face-off, 1 Indian army officer and two soldiers were killed.
  • 1779: Span started the war against Britain.1911: IBM company was established in New York. Earlier its name was computing Tabulating Recording company.
On This Day in HIstory 15 June

Borns On This Day in History

  • 1929: Famous actress and singer Suraiya was born.
  • 1950: Indian industrialist Lakshmi Mittal was born.
  • 1950: Mithun Chakraborty, a famous actor in Hindi films was born.
  • 1920: Hemant Kumar, A playback singer, and composer of Hindi films was born.
  • 1937: Anna Hazare, a social worker who followed Gandhian ideology was born.
  • 1932: India’s famous Durapad singer Zia Farid Uddin Dagar was born..

Deaths On This Day in History

  • 1870: Shiv Dayal Sahib, the founder of the Dixit Hindu sect ‘Radha Swami Satsang, died.
  • 1949: Noted poet, writer, at and editor Ulloor s parameswara Iyer passed away
  • 1925: The great freedom fighter Chittaranjan Das passed away.
  • 1971: After a vote in the UK parliament, a resolution was passed to and the scheme mein of giving free milk to children in schools. However, due to heavy opposition, it could be implemented it only in September.
  • 1944: India’s famous scientist Prafulla Chandra Ray passed away. He is considered the ‘Father of chemistry’.

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