On This Day in History | Today 10 June

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What Happened On This Day in History

  • 1246: Nasruddin Muhammad Shah I become the ruler of Delhi. Earlier the Sultan of Delhi Alauddin Masood Shah was exiled.
  • 1829: The first bote race was held between Oxford and Cambridge University in Britain.
  • 1848:The first telegraph line between New York and Chicago began.
  • 1931: Norway annexed East Greenland.
  • 1934: Diplomatic relations were re-established between the Soviet Union and Romania.
  • 1940: Italy declared war against France and the British during World war II.
  • 1946: After the end of the monarchy, Italy becomes a republican nation.
  • 1966:The production of Air Force fighter aircraft ‘MiG’ started in the Nashik district of Maharashtra.
  • 1967: Israel and did the six-day-long Arab War by accepting a case fire at the UN relation. During this time Israel completely occupied Jerusalem comma considered sacred to Jews, Christians, and Muslims.
  • 1971: The US and China’s 21- year trade and embargo.
  • 1972: Harshvardhan, a fully air-conditioned ship was commissioned from the Margo port in Mumbai.
  • 1986: India beat England by 5 wickets to register their first test win a Lords.
  • 1999: NATO announced to stop the bombing of Kosovo province for the last 79 days. The announcement was made when the withdrawal of troops from the country begin.
  • 2020: Pakistan renamed the world’s second-highest peak K-2 us ‘Shahgauri’.
  • 2003: NASA’s mangalyan rover was launched.
  • 2020:The international weightlifter Federation (IWF) has cleared India weightlifter k sanjita change from doping charges due to non-conformity in the handling her samples. The decision comes from the recommendation of the world anti-doping agency (WADA).
  • 2020: Union minister Jitendra Singh announced that the private sector will be allowed to you use ISRO facilities and other sides to improve its capacity. The minister said that the Indian private sector will be a co-traveler in India’s space sector journey.
On This Day in History 10 June

Borns On This Day in History

  • 1906: Damodar Menon one of the landing freedom fighters of India was born.
  • 1955: Well-known former badminton player Prakash Padukone was born.
  • 1921: Shiva Ram Joshi well-known Indian poet, was born.

Deaths On This Day in History

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