On This Day in History | Today 1 July

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What Happened On This Day in History

  1. 1781: The battle of Porto Novo (now Parangipetti) took place between Hyder Ali, the Sultan of Mysore, and the British army.3
  2. 1852: A postage stamp cold ‘Scinde Dawk’ was issued by the chief commissioner of Sindh, sir Bertlefrore, used only in the state of Sindh and on the Mumbai-Karachi route.
  3. 1862: Calcutta High court inaugurated.
  4. 1879: The postcard was introduce introduced in India.
  5. 1881: The first international call was made on the telephone.
  6. 1984: Mohammed Ali Jinnah inaugurated the Central bank of Pakistan.
  7. 1955: Imperial Bank of India was nationalized and renamed State Bank of India.
  8. 1960: The American country of Ghana was declared a republic.
  9. 1964: Industrial department Bank of India was established.
  10. 1968: The United States, Britain, Russia, and 59 other countries signed the nuclear non-proliferation territory to stop the sphere of nuclear weapons.
  11. 1975: Contemporaneous ( तत्कालीन) Prime Minister Indira Gandhi announced the 20-point program.
  12. 1995: US lifted sanctions against Taiwan.
  13. 1996: The euthanasia law comes into force in the Northern Province of Australia for the first time in the world.
  14. 1997: Hong Kong accepted China’s authority after 156 years of British rule.
  15. 2000: England beat West India in the 10th Test match at Lords.
  16. 2006: Chess player parimarjan Negi become the second youngest Grandmaster.
  17. 2017: Goods and service tax GST was introduced in India as a significant reform of the economy.
  18. 2020: The Ministry of Road Transport and Highways prepared a blueprint for implementing a new scheme for cashless treatment of motor accident victims. The scheme includes the creation of a motor Vehicle Accident Fund.
On This Day 1 July
On This Day in History

Borns On This Day in History

  1. 1882: Bharat Ratna honored senior doctor full, fearless freedom fighter, and skilled politician Bidhan Chandra Roy was born.

Deaths On This Day in History

  1. N/A

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