Lata Mangeshkar

Lata Mangeshkar | Biography, Songs, & Facts

Lata Mangeshkar, Indian Singer

Lata Mangeshkar, Indian Singer
Lata Mangeshkar
(Indian Singer)

Born: Hema Mangeshkar 28 September 1929 Indore, British India (present-day Madhya Pradesh, India)

Died: 6 February 2022 (Aged 92) Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

Occupation: Playback Singer, Film Producer, Occasional Music Composer, Philanthropist

Lata Mangeshkar is the name which is known not only in Indian because of her melodious voice but as the Nightingale of the Music World and India in her seven-decade-long music journey, she sang thousands of songs in almost all Indian languages to get so much fame. Even after that, her life was full of simplicity, let’s know about the life of Lata Mangeshkar, which is sadly no more with us today.

Lata Mangeshkar Early Life

Lata Mangeshkar was born on 28 September 1939 in Indore, Madhya Pradesh in a Maharashtrian Brahmin family. Vijay made his own identity in the world when Lata Mangeshkar and Asha Bhosle were at the top of playback singing in Hindi films, both the sisters used to have a lot of discussions. Lata Ji was not associated with music since childhood. He was a famous singer and he also did a lot of work in the field. It is said that at the age of five, Lata Ji sang for the first time in a play, her father was also participating in this play.

Lata Ji started music. She did it only after seeing her father singing, as well as she took music training from Amanat Ali Khan and Narendra Sharma, she also considers her as her mentor. He was critiqued in Ghee as a singer 92 for Lata Mangeshkar 1 was sure that her father had died that she was only thy year old but being the eldest daughter of the parents, she had to run the house. She started working in small films through her father. In a movie In this film, she played the role of the younger sister of her lord. Lata Mangeshkar made her first song in 1943 for the film Gajaabhaau.

When Lata Mangeshkar’s debut song for a Marathi film was dropped

When Lata Mangeshkar's debut song for a Marathi film was dropped

Gajab was a Marathi film in 1954, but in this film, Lata Mangeshkar sang her first Hindi song, because of this song, Mata Export Ki Duniya Badal De Doon did not go well for Katha Ji in the early 40s, her voice was thin while she Time was the era of singers with a heavy voice, due to this they had to face frequent sightings, meanwhile in 1947, in this film filmed in your service, Lata Ji sang a song in your service, the first song of Lata Ji in the film Palghat Chhori Re. There was a Hindi song and there was the first article.

In the next few years, Lata Ji has many songs, but in 1948, Lata Ji’s song Aayega proved to be her first film song, in 1857, when India and Pakistan were partitioned, in large numbers. Film artists moved to Lahore Noor Jahan was also one of the biggest singers of film songs at that time Tiger Noor Jahan’s departure increased the opportunities in films for the talented singer Lata Ji from that time till the early 1950s, and Dad was a film singer.

As Pitram had set foot, he called Shankar-Jaikishan Anil Biswas. In this era, Lata Ji sang songs for different types of music directors and spread the magic of her voice in films like Mahal Barsaat Ek Ladki and Behen, thus Lata Mangeshkar became a different music world of Bollywood whose magic of voice lasted for the next three decades.

Chhaya Raha Lata Ji songs in Hindi Marathi Urdu Sanskrit and 36 languages ​​Lata Mangeshkar worked with almost all big music directors and sang songs with almost all singers Lata Mangeshkar for Madan Mohan and Ramchandra for her cow she is considered her best Later he also worked with the Laxmikant-Pyarelal duo, with this it would be necessary to subscribe to live with the famous musician, and the talk of Asha Bhosle, sister of Mangeshkar and Mohammed Rafi often came up for a few years.

It is not said that there was some dispute between the two regarding the quality. told that Being the eldest daughter of her father, she took the responsibility of running the family and thinking about those people that she would not marry.

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