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The study of the past is called history. Prehistory refers to events that took place before the invention of writing systems. Past events, as well as memorabilia, discoveries, collections, structures, presentations, and interpretations of these events, are all covered under the term “history”. Knowledge will be given, and all information will be given to you in both Hindi and English. You will get new information about daily history in our blog, in our blog we will upload the actual blog only after verifying the complete history. Our aim is to bring real history to you so that you can get good knowledge of history and help you in future.


Jahangir | Ruler, Biography & Achievements

  Full Name : Mirza Nur-ud-din Beig Mohammad Khan Salim Born : 30 August 1569, fatehpur Sikri Died : 28 October 1627, Rajouri Place of Burial : Tomb of jahangi, Shahdara, Pakistan Parents : Akbar, Mariam-uz-Zamani Jahangir Wife : Nur Jahan Jahangir Children : Shah Jahan, Khusrau Mirza, Parviz Mirza, Shahryar Mirza, Jahandar Mirza, Sultan-un-Nissa …

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Facts about Humayun

Humayun | Second Mughal Emperor, Tomb & Death

Summary Humayun, also known as Nasir ud-din Muhammad, was the second Mughal king of India who was more courageous than the consolidator of his empire. Humayun was the child of the Founder of the Mughal Empire ”Jahiruddin Muhammad Babur” and the father of the 3rd Mughal Emperor Jalaluddin Muhammad Akbar. Facts About Humayun Born March …

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Arunachal Pradesh HIstory

Arunachal Pradesh | History, Buddha & Kingdom

History of Arunachal Pradesh Arunachal Pradesh It is believed that this place was famous even in the Times of Ramayana and Mahabharata and is also mentioned in the ancient texts of Kalika Purana and Mahabharata it was addressed as Prabhu Mountains in the Puranic era Parshurama performed Atonement here Maharshi (great sage) Vyasa meditated here …

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anglo mughal war - ts historical

Anglo-Mughal War | Child’s War, History, & Timeline

Anglo-Mughal War, British Apologized for Child War Anglo-Mughal War: The British stepped into India under the guise of traders and with the help of traitors, they captured the whole of India, following their most dangerous policy, divide and rule, and occupied the whole of India. But few people know that before winning over Nawab Sirajuddin-Dola …

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Akbar the Greatc Facts

Akbar The Great | Marriage, Battles, Facts & Death

Jalal-ud-din-Muhammad Akbar Summary Jalaluddin Muhammad Akbar was the 3rd sultan of the Mughal Sultanate, he is considered the greatest king in Mughal history. Even though the foundation of the Mughal Sultanate in India was laid by Zahiruddin Muhammad Babur, but the name of the person who strengthened the foundation of the Mughal Sultanate is Jalaluddin …

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