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What Happened On This Day 07 Aug

  1. 1606: Shakespeare’s play Macbeth was first staged for king James l.
  2. 1668: The famous scientist Newton earned a master’s degree from Trinity College, Cambridge.
  3. 1753: Britain Museum was established.
  4. 1789: The United State Department of War was established.
  5. 1905: The Indian National Congress called for a boycott of British goods.
  6. 1944: A massive machine 51 feet long, 8 feet high, and weighing five tons, named after the first calculator was a bullet.
  7. 1974: The electricity and transport system was formally transferred to the Mumbai Municipal Corporation.
  8. 1960: Ivory Coast,a country on the continent of Africa, gained independence from the authority of France.*
  9. 1972: Ugandan leader Idi Amin ordered people of Asian descent to level the country within 90 days.
  10. 1985: Geet Sethi won the world Amature Billiards championship. He becomes the third Indian to achieve this foot.
  11. 1990: The US launched Operation Desert shield by deploying troops in Saudi Arabia.
  12. 1991: Shahour Bakhtiar, the former prime minister of Iran, was assassinated.
  13. 1996: American scientists discovered the possibility of a single-celled organism on mass from the remains of a metro right that fell on earth 13,000 years ago.
  14. 1998: Terrorist attacks on Us embassies in the capitals of Kenya and Tanzania killed more than 200 people.
  15. 1999: Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif once again offered talks with India.
  16. 2005: Israel finance Minister Benjamin Netanyahu resigned from his post.
  17. 2010: A massive oil spill started in the sea after two ships MSC Chitra and khalifa-3 nautical means from Mumbai.
  18. 2020:The SLPP (Sri Lanka People,s Party) led by PM Mahindra Rajapaksa’s victories in the Sri Lanka parliamentary elections. The party won 145 seats out of the 255-member parliament and five of its allies.
  19. 2020: Dr. Pradeep Kumar Joshi was sworn in as the Union Public service Commission (UPSC) Chairman. Dr. Pradeep Kumar had succeeded right Arvind Saxena who had completed his tune us UPSC chairman. President Ram Nath Govind appointed him.
  20. 2020: Indian Railway started its ‘Kisan rail’ service to transport perishable goods. India’s first ‘Kisan rail’ run Devlali in Nashik, Maharashtra, and Richard Manipur in Bihar.
07 Aug
On This Day 07 Aug

Borns On This Day 07 Aug

  1. 1904: Vasudev Sharan Agrawal, a famous Indian scholar, was born.
  2. 1925: The famous Indian agriculture scientist and father of the Green Revolution in India, M. S. Swaminathan was born.

Deaths On This Day 07 Aug

  1. 1941: Gurudev Rabindranath Tagore poet, writer, playwriter musician, philosopher, social reformer, and Painter passed away. He received the Nobel prize for Literature in 1913. He was the first Indian to receive a Nobel prize.
  2. 2019: Former External Affairs Minister of India Sushma Swaraj passed away due to a heart attack. She was a great leader of the Bharatiya Janata party.

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